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  Baby On Board!

My husband and I are expecting our first baby in October of this year. We are very EXCITED...

NERVOUS...happy...SCARED...elated...WORRIED...overjoyed...and just feel so very BLESSED. So does baby, evidently (shown below with hands in the air at a recent ultrasound.)              

With a new baby on the way, we are looking forward to a lot of firsts. However, we know that with all of these firsts come lots of new emotions, concerns, and questions. So, all of you veterans out there...what would be your #1 piece of advice to those of us who are "rookies" at this whole parenting thing?

Ready? Go!

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  Spring, spring, spring

Spring has always been my favorite season. It’s all of the best things, the first warm day after a brutal winter, flowers and green grass coming back and my birthday! Well, and, the excuse to wear anything and everything floral and bright colored. Here’s my top 5 sunnies about this season:

1.       I had so much fun planning and partaking at our re-model grand opening in Brookfield! It’s always so interesting for me to work in both stores because they really have their own, different personalities and we were able to represent that through the re-model process. A big thank you to everyone who came out and celebrated with us! I don’t know about you, but between Beyoncé playing over the speakers, Brennan’s wine and Bake Street Café food the entire energy of the night was magical.  

2.       My boyfriend surprised me with tickets to Denver for an early birthday present! We drove through Mt. Evans, dipped our toes in natural hot springs and drank all the craft beer we could.

3.       I turned the big 2-5 on the 14th! My actual birthday weekend was filled with all my favorite people. I spent part of the weekend in Chicago with my friends from high school and college going out and to a Cubs game. And the rest of the weekend with my family at home. Such a full heart.

4.       Easter is such a fashion holiday for me. Sometimes even more so than Christmas. Can you tell I am just smitten with spring? Luckily, I had my outfit ready to go this year. Last year I didn’t and ended up in one of my mom’s old dress from the 80s…I looked like a pastel flight attendant Easter egg with buttons.  Of course, the dog has to be dressed to impress to…linen bowtie and all.

5.       Finally got to try Tofte’s table in downtown Waukesha. I live a couple blocks from the downtown and I’m always looking for new food to devour! Let me tell you, it did not disappoint! I highly recommend it. I want to go back just to try all their desserts, but it was all amazing.

We have sooo many new clothes in, and coming in every single day, that it’s safe to say spring has SPRUNG.

What’s your favorite season??

PS- if your favorite season is summer you’re gonna love the window display I’m working up for our summer story! Stay tuned…

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  Loving my MCM

I have to tell you how much I love my MCM Anya Zipper Tote. Not only is it practical for everday use running around town but perfect when traveling. This stylish bag has room for my wrap, swell bottle and flip flops. The best part is the small satchel purse that it comes with, so when you arrive at your destination you can throw your phone, ID and credit cards in and go. Two for one, I love it.  


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  How to Shop When You're Out of Town

How to Shop While Out of Town:

What To Read:

Weekly musings. Bonus- may even include book recommendations!



Where To Eat:

Gather some friends for the Ronald McDonald House Spring Luncheon on May 3rd at the Milwaukee Country Club!

RSVP here:



Who to Follow:

My favorite Brewer :)


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  It's wedding season!

Wedding season has officially started, and I should know because mine is in 23 short days! As the date draws closer, questions about what to wear start arising. 

"Should I wear a long, or short dress?"

"How formal does my dress have to be?"

"Does my husband have to wear a jacket with his suit?" 

"Should I wear a tuxedo?"

Countless of questions coming my way all day, every day. I thought that indicating "Black Tie Optional" on our invitations and wedding website would do the trick, but it seems that not everyone knows what that means. For those of you on the same boat as my friends and family, I got your back! Here's a quick guide to wedding dress codes to help you turn heads at your upcoming weddings:

Casual dress means wedding guests can wear pretty much anything they want. I recommend a summer dress for the ladies and dress pants with button-down shirt or polo shirt for the guys.

Cocktail Attire, Semi-Formal or Dressy Casual
All three of these phrases are asking guests to dress somewhere between formal and casual. We recommend a cocktail dress for the ladies and a suit and tie or a sport coat for the gents.

Beach Formal
Beach inherently indicates casual, which is why formal is tacked on to the end — it’s still a classy affair. I recommend a formal summer sundress (tea-length or knee-length) with flats for the ladies and a summer suit with linen shirt, linen pants or khakis for the guys.

Formal Attire or Black Tie Optional
These two phrases are very common in today’s weddings. They indicate that the wedding party will be in formal wedding attire, and it’s optional for all guests. We recommend a dark suit or tux for the men and formal evening wear (floor length dresses or evening pant suits) for the women.

Black Tie
Black Tie usually indicates an evening affair where the men where tuxedos and the women wear formal gowns of any length.

White Tie
This is the most formal of all wedding dress codes. We’re talking soirees at the Whitehouse kind of evenings. The gentlemen dress in long-tail tuxedos and the women don full-length ball gowns. 

So, now that you have a better idea of what you're expected to wear, the big question is, where will I find the perfect dress? I got your back (again).... FAYE's! ;) 

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  Your 2017 Style According to Your Zodiac Sign

I recently came across the blog below and wanted to share with you all. How does your style stack up? Can you guess what sign your personal stylist is? 




This year, don’t be afraid to experiment. As the first sign of the zodiac, you probably tried sheet masks before the rest of us ever heard of them. That’s because Uranus, the planet of trendsetting, has been in your sign since 2011 and will stay there until 2018. In that spirit, you’ll want to stay ahead of the sartorial curve. Your singular aesthetic may attract a few naysayers, but let the haters hate. Jupiter is traveling through the house of your horoscope associated with gossip, so all press can be good press in your case. In March and April, beauty planet Venus will retrograde in your sign, clearing the way for a Lady Gaga-style reinvention. Just don’t commit to anything drastic like going platinum or chopping your hair until after she’s direct again. That’s when you really shine.

Here’s your game plan, Taurus: get your best athleisure ready, because you’re going to spend the first half of 2017 prepping for a major career breakthrough in late summer. You have two eclipses lighting up your home sector, so you’ll want to be comfortable during those major transitions. Luckily, you make rocking your sports bra with Adidas sweats and kicks look like it came straight off the runway. You’re usually down-to-earth when it comes to beauty too, but your patron planet, Venus, will be retrograde in March and April, activating your mysterious twelfth house. Suddenly, you shed your everyday uniform in favor of soft, enchanting curls and wine-stained lips. You’ll look mesmerizing when August’s lunar eclipse in your career sector puts all eyes on you.

Are you feeling lucky, Gemini? Because you might just be getting lucky in 2017! Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, has been lighting up your pleasure sector since last August, and odds are good that any extra spicy adventures have been reflected in your aesthetic. This year, smoky eyes and bare shoulders offer a welcome departure from your usual librarian fare. Your clique might be a little surprised by your style choices thanks to tension from Uranus and Pluto, but here’s a secret: You’re the best flirt in the zodiac. Now’s your time to own it, before Jupiter changes signs in October. In August, a lunar eclipse in your ninth house of exploration takes you on an exciting journey. Pick up a conversation piece that you can flaunt when you get home!

Oh, Cancer. Sometimes it seems like everyone sees you as a princess, and while you are incredibly kind, that doesn’t mean you don’t know how to lead. This year sees you leaning in and becoming the intrepid captain of your life, with the wardrobe to match. Make the utilitarian look in warm neutrals like camel your go-to uniform, so you can focus your energy on more important decisions. Meanwhile, you’ll have support from lucky Jupiter in your creativity sector and Neptune in your expansion zone, helping you get your name out to the masses. Together, they form a star alignment called a Grand Water Trine that brings once-in-a-lifetime opportunities tailored for you. Just know that water could be literal, so make sure you wear waterproof mascara in case.

This year, you’re in your element, literally. Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries align with your sign in what’s called a Grand Fire Trine, fanning the flames of your creativity and influence to propel you to new heights. If it sounds great, that’s because it is, but you’ll definitely be outside your comfort zone in lots of exciting ways, and you’ll want to be dressed for the occasion. Color-blocked looks in bright hues and platform shoes, as well as day-glow lips and eyes will be the perfect accent to your newly emboldened spirit. Whatever you do, your mission for this year is to try as many new things as you can. Serious Saturn is moving through your pleasure sector, so it’s up to you to make your own fun. Once you do, surprise planet Uranus shows you beauty where you least expect it.

As the zodiac’s overachiever, some might say you’re like Hermione Granger—but if that’s the case, you’re also a wizard! That’s especially true this year, as the stars align in the areas of your horoscope associated with the supernatural. Two eclipses in February activate your psychic senses, and a few tweaks to your look might be just what you need to complete your magical transformation. Add something blue to your wardrobe. Not only is it major for 2017: It’s your sign’s lucky color, and it has a history of protecting against weird vibes from not-so-genuine friends trying to get a come-up off your abilities. There’s another round of eclipses in August, but luckily, you’ll have the magical combination of Jupiter and Neptune on your side to ward off any stress.

You’re riding high off Jupiter’s entry into your sign last September, enjoying a season of success that only comes around once every 12 years. Until October, squeeze every last drop of Jupiter’s fun-loving, over-the-top influence into your life, and dress every bit the part. You’re usually somewhat demure, but tension from Uranus and Pluto means that right now, you’ve got the edge to pull this off. Make the late, great Prince and David Bowie your icons. Ruffled blouses, platform shoes, broad shoulders, and smoky eyes all draw people into your larger-than-life persona. In August, an Aquarius lunar eclipse in your creativity sector makes you even more charismatic. Use that moment to make any last pitches, and you’ll reap the benefits for years to come.

You’re no stranger to ambition, Scorpio, but 2017 is the year you finally start to see it pay off. Your ruling planet, Pluto, has been in your networking zone since 2008, putting you in powerful social circles. Chances are you’ve entered a new league since then, and your aesthetic should follow suit. The shirting trend projects an air of professionalism, and a deep side part keeps your signature sex appeal intact. Pluto is in Capricorn, so make that sign’s favorite neutral—nautical stripes—your go-to. Lucky Jupiter enters your sign just in time for your birthday, giving you a come-up you could never have expected. He’ll be in sync with Neptune in your pleasure sector, so when opportunity knocks, answer. A lover or artistic project could be waiting, and you’ll want to look your best.

Get ready, Sagittarius, because you may have the busiest year of all! With your ruling planet, Jupiter, in your social sector until October, you’ll have more invitations than you have space in your calendar. Even if it’s tempting to buy something new for every event, the stars want you to shift the way you spend. Responsible Saturn has been in your sign since last September, showing you how to stretch your money and put it into things you really love. Do quality over quantity: investment pieces, a bespoke scent, and a haircut that accentuates your best features all give you the luxury you crave without breaking the bank. If you do make an impulse purchase, buy something that supports your artistic side. Later in the year, when Jupiter enters Scorpio, you’ll be able to hunker down and recover. In December, Saturn finally exits your sign, giving your career a boost. Don’t work so hard you forget to celebrate!

You’re usually such a pragmatist, but as surreal as 2016 has been, you may have felt like you’ve been living in the Upside Down. That’s because your ruling planet, Saturn, has been in your dreams sector since last September, blurring the lines between fantasy and fiction. Visionary Uranus will be in sync with Saturn throughout 2017, amplifying the effect. Consider this an opportunity to experiment with styles you might think are strange. Think Florence Welch: bell sleeves, lush florals, and voluminous tiers are all contenders. Braids or ribbons in your hair add to the mystical appeal. Throughout the year, lucky Jupiter in your career sector is in a tug-of-war with Pluto in your sign. It’s actually a good thing! Expect your public image to shift for the better, as long as you go with the flow.

As the zodiac’s “it girl”, you’re used to being in high demand, but in 2017, your popularity soars to new heights. It’s all thanks to your ruling planet, Uranus in your networking sector, making your already vibrant personality even more electrifying. Keep your signature color palette of neons, but deploy it in unexpected ways, like colorblocking and stripes. Uranus is in sync with serious Saturn in your leadership zone, so you’ll be able to impress important VIPs if you play your cards right. Shirting with a surprise twist looks good on you, especially paired with the club beauty looks you hold so dear. In August, when a lunar eclipse in your sign puts you in the spotlight, know that you might need to be red-carpet ready at any moment. Keep a bag of travel beauty supplies at the ready, just in case.

This year, you take some much needed time for yourself. After your ruling planet, Neptune, entered your sign in 2012, you’ve been more self-confident, with or without the world’s approval. In February, the last in a cycle of eclipses in your sign inspires you to reinvent your whole aesthetic accordingly. Traditionally, Pisces shines in dreamy florals and blues. Want more grit? You’re a water sign, so wet hair or slicked-back braids look good on you. Just make sure you’re getting plenty of hydration and are using a good moisturizer throughout the process. In October, Jupiter moves into fellow water sign, Scorpio, and into sync with your sign. You’ll benefit from the planet’s good luck and charm, especially when it comes to travel. While you’re out and about, pick up a beautiful fragrance or piece of jewelry as a memento.

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  Roller Coaster Weather

Last week I had the windows open while cleaning the house...this week? Well, that's a different story. This, my friends, is the wonderful roller coaster of weather in Wisconsin.

One of the biggest struggles with everchanging weather for me is deciding what to wear. I've simplified it for you below with three key pieces that are sure to keep you along for the ride. 

1) A cashmere INC poncho: I own three myself. Throw it over a tshirt with jeans and sneakers and you're good to go. An easy layer to keep warm but comes off easily as the sun comes out. When it's really cold, you can bundle up in your poncho used as a scarf! We have a million cute colors in store :) 

2) A denim jacket: Again, I have several. This is a go-to piece for me all year long. An easy extra layer, warm but cute and you'll never look too stuffy. Always keep a spare in your car for those spring baseball games or summer evenings by the lake. 

3) Vests of all shapes and colors: Too warm for a jacket but too cool for a sweater? Throw on a vest with your cashmere poncho (scarf) and you're sure to be set. 

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I have joined the 2017 Class of BIG WIGS for the Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Along with eight other community leaders and business owners, we seek to end breast cancer forever by raising awareness and funds (while wearing a ridiculous pink wig!). You can watch our video on the link below:
Since our founding 26 years ago, FAYE’s has been passionate about women’s issues. After all, we are a business founded by a woman...have an all-female staff...and women as customers. Throughout the years, breast cancer has touched our families, staff, friends, and clients. Most recently, I embarked on a journey with my sister-inlaw with her diagnosis.
As a way to start our fundraising efforts, FAYE’s will donate a portion of March sales to the BIG WIG campaign.
Wish to donate directly? http://bit.do/BigWigFaye
Be loyal. Shop local. THINK PINK!

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