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  Spring, spring, spring

Spring has always been my favorite season. It’s all of the best things, the first warm day after a brutal winter, flowers and green grass coming back and my birthday! Well, and, the excuse to wear anything and everything floral and bright colored. Here’s my top 5 sunnies about this season:

1.       I had so much fun planning and partaking at our re-model grand opening in Brookfield! It’s always so interesting for me to work in both stores because they really have their own, different personalities and we were able to represent that through the re-model process. A big thank you to everyone who came out and celebrated with us! I don’t know about you, but between Beyoncé playing over the speakers, Brennan’s wine and Bake Street Café food the entire energy of the night was magical.  

2.       My boyfriend surprised me with tickets to Denver for an early birthday present! We drove through Mt. Evans, dipped our toes in natural hot springs and drank all the craft beer we could.

3.       I turned the big 2-5 on the 14th! My actual birthday weekend was filled with all my favorite people. I spent part of the weekend in Chicago with my friends from high school and college going out and to a Cubs game. And the rest of the weekend with my family at home. Such a full heart.

4.       Easter is such a fashion holiday for me. Sometimes even more so than Christmas. Can you tell I am just smitten with spring? Luckily, I had my outfit ready to go this year. Last year I didn’t and ended up in one of my mom’s old dress from the 80s…I looked like a pastel flight attendant Easter egg with buttons.  Of course, the dog has to be dressed to impress to…linen bowtie and all.

5.       Finally got to try Tofte’s table in downtown Waukesha. I live a couple blocks from the downtown and I’m always looking for new food to devour! Let me tell you, it did not disappoint! I highly recommend it. I want to go back just to try all their desserts, but it was all amazing.

We have sooo many new clothes in, and coming in every single day, that it’s safe to say spring has SPRUNG.

What’s your favorite season??

PS- if your favorite season is summer you’re gonna love the window display I’m working up for our summer story! Stay tuned…

Posted by Emilee on 4/28/2017  |  10:00 AM  |  Add/View Comments (0)

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  Emilee Introduction

Hey there Faye’s family!

If you see a new gal bouncing around, fixing hangers and creating displays in your favorite Faye location come say “Hey girl hey!” because that’s me! My name is Emilee Renwick and I am the new visual merchandiser in both Brookfield and Mequon.

I thought we’d have a little introduction post.

I am a Wisconsin transplant from the way of Iowa, but born and raised in Illinois. One of the reasons I wanted to move up here is partly for my love affair with Door County—I’ve been going there every summer since I was 6 weeks old. But the whole MKE area is pretty fresh to me so feel free to suggest a place to eat, shop or antique!  

I have had a love of fashion since the day I took my first steps in a pair of Barbie heels. It’s blossomed ever since. And here we are!

5 quick Emilee facts:

1.       I love dogs! All breeds. All furs. All wet noses. Since my apartment doesn’t allow  them I get my puppy love fix when I dogsit for other’s pups.

2.       I am a coffee and donut snob. I take both very seriously. I would have both as a main food group if my jeans allowed it! Lattes and

3.       Instagram is my jam! I love creating positive, picture imperfect posts. And I follow a core of awesome boss ladies and small shops to keep my inspiration always flowing. @EmRen14

4.       Home décor is a must. Fashion and home décor probably tie for my favorite things. There is something so satisfying  about designing and creating a cozy home that anyone can feel at ease in—and all the cute stuff right?! Give me all the candles, throw pillows and gallery walls!

5.       I am a morning bird. i.e. coffee and donuts. I would much rather get up and going, ready to take on the day then be up to the wee hours. It goes hand in hand with my positive peppiness—I was a cheerleader for 5 years—and my drive.

Any questions? Feel free to come in and chat me up! :)

Posted by Emilee on 10/10/2016  |  2:45 PM  |  Add/View Comments (0)



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