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  How to Shop When You're Out of Town

How to Shop While Out of Town:

What To Read:

Weekly musings. Bonus- may even include book recommendations!



Where To Eat:

Gather some friends for the Ronald McDonald House Spring Luncheon on May 3rd at the Milwaukee Country Club!

RSVP here:



Who to Follow:

My favorite Brewer :)


Posted by Ellen on 4/12/2017  |  12:53 PM  |  Add/View Comments (0)

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John Mayer is selling laundry detergent.

Yes. John Mayer collaborated with his go to soaper for his washing needs.

He loves and trusts their product and in turn for his affiliation, they're supporting wilderness conservation in his honor.

Of course, John Mayer's laundry detergent would contribute to the betterment of man: the Montana Association of Land Trusts is the beneficiary of his benevolence.

How awesome is that? I can help John Mayer save the vistas of MT by cleaning my AG's and 525 America!

So, JM's laundry detergent, with its bluesy, prodigious provenance, is certain to be a cleaning marvel in my Mequon Maytag. (I believe in him.) I will be channeling JM - humming and swaying to the rhythm of the spin cycle like it's a Gravity refrain. We will be soaking and sudsing like an easy G chord. 

The best part? (Yes there is more!) The detergent has a specific scent formula. OK. What does John Mayer's clean laundry smell like? 

And perhaps the biggest question of all: do I wash my husband's clothes in JM detergent, or my own?

Posted by Ellen on 10/5/2016  |  1:47 PM  |  Add/View Comments (0)

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  Where's the Party?

East Towne Square is having a party this Saturday.

It is more of what my mom would term an “Open House,” because your enjoyment isn’t contingent on being in attendance from beginning to end.

Although, you may want to…

From 10-5, the merchants are having a Summer Kick-Off Party including: 

In-store promotions

Culinary treats


Prizes and Surprises

AND our Charity partner, The Wisconsin Humane Society, will be here with adoptable and alumni animals from their facilities!

So, I am picturing sundresses and sandals. New pillows for lake house getaways. A  summer lip color. Drinks and food.  Baskets of puppies.

And George...I usually visualize him anyway.



Posted by Ellen on 5/18/2016  |  3:17 PM  |  Add/View Comments (0)

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  Paintings and Parties with Powerful Women

My Mom’s Great Aunt (on the Smith side) went to Europe to buy the artwork for the Pfister Hotel. 100ish years later, it is still one of the largest collections of Victorian art on display.

One month from now, the matriarch of my Faye’s family will host a charity event in this historic hotel. Faye Wetzel is the honorary chairperson of the 2016 Autism Gala, benefitting the Autism Society of Southeastern Wisconsin, a cause near and dear to many hearts- including my own.

Won’t you join Faye, Linda, Tami and me for this wonderful cause? Great-Great Aunt Caldonia will be there in spirit.




Posted by Ellen on 3/16/2016  |  5:29 PM  |  Add/View Comments (0)

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  Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Buon Natale!

I love Christmas. Tradition..Maddening schedules to visit your friends' s holiday decorations, inviting them to see yours... Llingering under the mistletoe... Baking (sic) eating cookies...Wrapping presents (I would LOVE to wrap your holiday gifts at Faye's!!!)

My son's middle name is 'Natale' (that means 'Christmas' in Italian), named after the most consummate hostess of the season. Here is Rosemary's recipe for spinach squares. (I'm still looking for the one for her infamous cheese puffs; if you've got it, this generation of Aiellos and Natales will be forever grateful.) She would make and serve fresh pans of these throughout the party.

2 packages frozen spinach (squeezed dry)

1/2 stick butter

3 eggs

1 cup flour

1 cup milk

1 tsp salt

1 tsp pepper

1 tsp baking powder

1 lb grated Monterey jack cheese

melt butter on 12 x 18 cookie sheet. beat eggs, then add all ingredients and combine. pour onto buttered pan. Bake at 350º 25 minutes. Cut and serve immediately.

Posted by Ellen on 12/19/2015  |  12:28 PM  |  Add/View Comments (0)

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  My Ambitious Plans


1.VSCDA  at Road America Vintage Festival

Leather bonnet straps on my friend, Tom’s 1952 Allard always impress me with their fussy utility. His newly restored 1967 E-Type, declared by Enzo Ferrari as “the most beautiful car ever made,” will also be revealed this weekend.


2.Buy some fall plants

Technically it is still summer but the seasonal evidence of change is everywhere: wearing an extra layer, earlier sunsets, (and while my New York asters are prolific), the bee balm has definitely resigned itself to its fate. Mother Nature is the oracle of change. Head to the garden center for some mums  to help balance your garden’s color.


3.Clean out your closet

At least 5 things can go, correct? There’s no better time to  edit your winter togs than when exposure to them has been so limited. And, if you cannot imagine your cast-offs being picked up by Purple Heart, remember that Faye’s has a Divine Consign event in October.


4.Print some pictures

Among the 1836 images on your phone, there are 25 photos that are album-worthy. Better yet, order doubles, and send them to Grandma and Grandpa.



Posted by Ellen on 9/17/2015  |  10:59 AM  |  Add/View Comments (1)



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