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  My 7 Fashion Rules

We are inundated with fashion images everywhere we look: social media, television, magazines… it’s endless. I adore taking it all in, pondering (or not) over the details. It’s a delicious visual game that never fails to amaze and delight me. Through it all, I have developed some concrete fashion rules, if you will, that I live by. Honestly, I have more than 7, but I hope to keep your attention! Read on and feel free to agree or disagree…. After all, that’s what it’s all about, right? America!

  1. Accentuate the positive!! Often we focus on the things we loathe about our shapes: shift it around, claim loud and proud, an area or two that you think looks GOOD. Maybe it’s your toned arms, slender legs, feminine curves or your long graceful neck.  We all have at least one thing that deserves to be highlighted. Claim yours and a star is born. Shine on

  2. Develop your wardrobe essentials. Like a well- stocked pantry in a kitchen, your closet needs some consistent basics to aid in your fashion creations. My basics include: a go – to dress that I know looks great, I can dress it up or wear casual. A pair (or two!) of well-fitting jeans, a white shirt that I wear with, under, over… you get the picture. A black pant and/or skirt that really goes the distance, and a variety of jackets and coats, i.e. denim, leather, trench, ponchos – the finishing touch. With these items in my arsenal, I am ready to pick up a new piece here and there, and mix with my old friends and WOW! I am updated. It’s that easy.

  3. Never underestimate the power of a “third piece” One of the keys of essential style is the addition of the completer, the “third piece”. Take a closer look at some of your favorite fashion mavens. More than likely their ensemble has the whipped cream AND the cherry! I love what a tailored jacket /blazer  (the cherry) does to an outfit, it TOTALLY elevates the aura. Ohmmmmm! 

  4. Keep it simple. I like to trend lightly, the simpler the better. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing like a new trend to get me excited about getting dressed, but I prefer to come across as more cool, calm and collected. My rules: one trend at a time, don’t overload your look with too many pieces and keep the accessories to a minimum. Yes, effortless chic, that’s it….No one has to know my palms are sweaty with excitement. 

  5. Think beyond the LBD Consider my newest fashion crush – the jumpsuit! When I wear it, I feel modern, feminine, strong and confident. Excuse me, I have to go… Beyonce is on the line. (you get the gist!) 

  6.  Pay attention to details.  This is one of my favorites…the goddess in the details… Notice: the wide cuffed jeans, the exposure of skin between your shoes and pant (tres’ chic!), the half tuck of an oversized shirt, the slightly frayed denim, the drape of a jacket off your shoulders, the layering of delicate necklaces… It all comes down to a little zuhzing. 6B I would like to add another personal rule – covering my bum when wearing yoga pants outside of the gym. ‘nuff said

  7. Make sure you are comfortable. Not only able to move and groove but also just as importantly, comfortable in your own style. Be true to yourself.  Just because fashion is dictating a moment, that doesn’t mean we need to abide. Look at magazines for inspiration, collect some pages of looks you are drawn to, accentuate your positives.  Ask yourself what pieces do I already have, what do I need to pick up to do a refresh? Ahh, aren’t you already more comfy?

Since I’ve limited myself to 7 rules, I must resist the temptation to continue. Tell you what, come visit us at Faye’s, a Milwaukee Women’s Boutique in Brookfield and Mequon, and we as your personal stylists, will happily assist you find your fashion happiness and comfort zone  – we know how to do that!

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  The Top 5 Reasons to Love Frank and Eileen Shirts
  1. My favorite “go-to” top is my white Frank and Eileen shirt: always crisp but kind of soft, comfortable, tailored and sexy at the same time, always ready for anything, easy breezy brunch to rocking and rolling. Versatile and good look’n, it always makes me feel put together without looking like I tried too hard. Easy and chic… is there anything better?

  2. Frank and Eileen is a story about love. Is there ever a better reason than that??  Meet Audrey, she is the founder and designer of the company. She is also the granddaughter of the young Irish lovers married in 1947, Frank and Eileen McLoughlin. Named in honor of her grandparents; Audrey’s hope is that everyone feels love when they wear their F & E….. awwwww, I love that!
  3. The fabrics for F & E are sourced from one of the finest mills in Italy, producing world renowned quality since 1876.  With beautiful Italian fabrics, and the desire to honor her grandparents’ love for their new country, F&E’s production is all USA, with factories in sunny Venice, California. Italian fabrics + USA quality= you can see and feel the difference, nothing else like it.
  4. One of our favorite silhouettes – Named after a family member, of course, remember it’s all in the name of love…. The Barry. A classic shape for lasses, a more tailored and feminine style. Made with a curved back, wear with a skirt, jeans…perfect for tucking in or not. I love my Barry and my Barry loves me.

  5. Favorite silhouette # 2 (there are more, I’m limiting myself) Named after another loved family member, Eileen. Sweet lass she was…the shirt - laid back in feel, longer in the back for a more relaxed fit. Wear buttoned or not… tie it in front or not. Cool, very cool. Oh that Eileen, she did know how to kick back.


Come visit Faye’s, a Milwaukee women’s boutique in two locations: Mequon and Brookfield. Let our personal stylists introduce to you to a legacy of love and great fitting shirts, Frank and Eileen… born In Ireland, woven in Italy and made in sunny California… with LOVE.


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  The Ultimate Slimming Pants!

Pssst, wanna get in on a secret? Faye’s, a women’s Milwaukee Boutique, offers a pant that seriously slims, comes in a variety of styles, colors, prints AND they were designed to empower women and make them confident in who they are, almost sounds too good to be true, but believe!  I’d like you to meet, up! pants.

So I guess it’s not enough to be an ultra- comfortable pull-on pant (fabric has just the right amount of Lycra), but this beauty also has head- turning design! It was developed with the latest in tummy control, a wider waistband and slimming effect so dazzling, it’s an illusion.

Come in to either one of our locations in Mequon and Brookfield during our fit clinics, Friday and Saturday, April 8th and 9th and let our personal stylists introduce you to the pant that you’ve been waiting to meet.  You will definitely be saying, “I’m so glad to have met you!”

 Now for sure, you know what’s up!

The Illusion Pant

Our much-loved techno stretch pant now has a wide waistband with extra give. It flattens the tummy so dramatically, it creates the illusion every woman wants. 


The Illusion Crop

Cropped and stretchy with all the slimming power of The Illusion pant-- it's the perfect shorter length for long sunny days. 


The Ankle Too

We've added even more vibrant colors and prints that go from lunch hour to happy hour without a wrinkle.


The True Jean

It's the only pull-on jean that pulls off the true jean look. Complete with rivets and 5-pocket flair, the fit of this skinny jean is the winner and champion. 


The Cut Above

For a long, leggy look this pant delivers. The slimming insets go down the leg for the sleekest look ever.


The Little Detail

Here's an extra bit of flair, which makes a big fashion statement. The little details of buckles, buttons or petals are a charming touch we can't resist.


The Short Story

Ready for a pull-on short that's long on style? Lightweight, stretchy and never bags out, it's the perfect travel companion to put in your bag. 


So now you know what’s up!, the pant with THINCREDIBLE! Fit.

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   6 Style-Busters to Bring in Spring!

I love the change of seasons, especially Wisconsin winters transforming to spring. The birds are singing like crazy and you notice every change in the welcoming sight of magic happening all around. The soft greens that become lush layered tones of depth, it all gets me excited to bust out a spring wardrobe and attitude adjustment… in 2 words: Lighten Up!

  1. First things first, I’m getting a pretty spring manicure and pedicure. I usually favor a deep plum hues, but what did I say? Lighten –up! This is my current combination. A light lavender on my hands and a rosy beige on my toes. I already feel better.

  2. I love the look of a thick single cuff on a jean. It looks fresh and spirited. Easy peasy. Wear some cute shoes, either casual or dressy. Your call.

  3. We need color! I am usually wearing black but I am so attracted to the fresh color palettes right now. Think saturated citrus tones, shocks of red, pink, orange. Stunning blues and gorgeous greens…mostly inspired by nature. I know this will put a spring in my step!  

    Style Tip – If your cool oversized shirt makes you look like you’re drowning, simple solution, do a “half-tuck”. Tuck either side of your shirt in on the front or side. It will give you added shape. Perfectly undone yet sophisticated look.

  4. Dresses are big this season, yay for dresses! Easy and effortlessly chic, a true breath of fresh air. Try a floral and instead of making it sweet, give it an edge. Add a leather moto jacket and sexy lace-up shoes and BAM! Flowers have never looked so good!

  5. Play with proportion: try culottes with a longer blouse and top with a bomber jacket. Finish with statement shoes. Grand slam!  Playing to win. Playing to win.

  6. The perfect wide legged cropped jeans are my quest. Full of attitude and spunk and so many possibilities.  And perhaps that’s what I love most about the spring season, spunk, attitude and possibilities. Spring, I welcome thee.

It’s Spring at Faye’s, a Milwaukee Women’s Boutique, with locations in Brookfield and Mequon. Come in and see what’s fresh and always in fashion. We’d love to see you.

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  The Biggest Trend of the Season

My last two blogs were about Culottes and Jeans; practical and helpful tips for the current trends, right? Well this week you are going to want to pay attention because (drumroll……) this week it’s about the most important trend of this season, and any season: Personal Style. YOURS.


Whether your style is classic, modern, romantic, artsy, funky, minimal or a little of each, go for it...Our stylists at Faye’s, a Milwaukee Women’s Boutique, are here to help. Visit the Brookfield and Mequon locations. Express yourself, there is only one you, make it a good one!






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  How to Look Great in Culottes

The fun new pant for spring 2016: culottes; don’t be afraid to give them a try. Once you know HOW to wear them you will feel polished, put-together and fresh as spring!

Consider the length.
Culottes are most flattering when they end at the skinniest part of your leg, which is usually right above the ankle.


Maximize the skin …
showing on your feet. Strappy and asymmetric shoes will elongate your length.

Do Monochromatic.
The one color story creates a nice long line, which translates to flattering.


Play With Proportion.
Try wearing a long simple dress over your culottes, accentuate the waist with a belt or a tie and, “Hello, good lookin’!”


Have Fun With Your Shoes.
With culottes they become a focal point. Mix it up: for both day and night.


Style It Casual:
Denim or leather. That’s what I call a “freshie, an instant spark to your spring wardrobe.


A Tailored Silhouette.
Culottes can be all business….with attitude.


Style It dressy.
For dinner, evening and all over fabulousness: add heels, sparkle and your own personal style.



Come see us at Faye’s, a Milwaukee Women’s Boutique with locations in Brookfield and Mequon. Let our Personal Stylists help you discover different ways to freshen up your wardrobe, we promise, It will put a spring in your step!

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  4 Reasons to Invest in a Great Pair of Jeans

Face it, sometimes jeans can come with a hefty price tag. You find yourself asking the question, “Is it really worth it?” Maybe you’ve even decided against the investment because, hey, you have your yoga pants to throw on when you want to dress comfortably.  Come on, let’s take your style factor up a few notches.

1. Versatility is Endless

Pair with a tee shirt =  basic goodness

Add a tailored jacket, spring colors, handbag, sunglasses and a colored shoe = instant chic 

Mix it up by combining a pretty blouse, pointy pumps = casual elegance 

Put an edge on it, a statement coat and sneakers = street chic 

Wear denim with denim = unexpected ensemble 

2.  Flattering

Take the time to find the right fit for your body, whether you are curvy, slim, tall or petite. If you are concerned about weight around your middle, try a higher rise. Darker washes are always slimming. Stretchy denim is our friend and is universally flattering:  pay attention to the rise, it is often the key to comfort.

Flared jeans can help elongate legs, especially if you are petite and curvy.

A straight or skinny leg balances out curves, pair with a longer top or coat to create streamlined look.


3. Timeless

Likely you will be able to wear your favorite pair winter, spring, summer and fall, all those possibilities! 

4. Expression of Pesonal Style

Perhaps the most important and satisfying reason, allowing you to be you… any way you like

Check out our great denim selection at Faye’s, a Milwaukee Women’s Boutique with locations in Brookfield and Mequon. Let our personal stylists help you find your perfect fitting jean. Versatility, flattering, timeless and expressive: can your yoga pant do that?


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  Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!


Hey, some slimming thoughts for post holiday:


1.       Wear a V- neck

They do wonders for slimming the neck and jaw-line


2.       Dress in monochromatic tones

Head to toe in one color is lengthening


3.       Complete your look with a long outer- layer

Vests, sweaters, jackets; think long over lean


4.       Try a flared skirt or an A-line dress

If you have any hips or thighs to speak of, this is flattering


5.       Belted waist – Nip it in!


6.       Lastly, wear a bold lip color, draw the eyes UP! My current fave is M.A.C, Fashion Revival.


Here’s to peace and love in the New Year, cheers!



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  That Feeling

We all know that feeling; waking up foggy and then, BAM! , " Oh yeah!, I have a cute new outfit that I'm wearing today!"  With a new spring in our step, we face the world with a smile.

As a newcomer to the staff at Faye's in Brookfield, I am reminded that no matter what stage of life we are in, this feeling of excitement is universal.

Looking back on my 25 plus years in fashion, I remember clearly experiencing that emotion time and time again. At five years old, I was adopted from Seoul Korea. After days of not talking, my wonderful parents took me to a children's boutique, Lad and Lassie. Looking around, I threw my arms up in the air and joyfully yelled, "Dresses!!!!", and ran down the aisles.

 Over the past four weeks at Faye's I have been witness to my client's joy in adding a leather legging to her wardrobe, the excited anticipation of wearing a luxurious fur collar with a suit; the renewed confidence she felt upon finding the perfect fitting jean, and of course, everyone's delight, adding the spot on accessory to complete a look.

I look forward to meeting new people at Faye's and helping them find that satisfaction, inspiration and pure joy upon waking the next day..

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