This cause has been taken up by the entire retail industry, whether your business is to source materials, manufacture, sell to wholesalers, or sell to retailers.

And, rightfully so: it’s not a small part of “save the planet”! Whether it’s pollution from dyes or plastic pollution from materials like faux fur and acrylic, the industry is fraught with harmful practices.

The facts and causes are myriad, diverse, and complicated. But a couple of statistics bring the “chickens home to roost”.


So, again, the facts and causes are myriad, diverse, and complicated. But is there anything you and I can do on a day-to-day basis that chips away at the problem?

Actually, YES. Please consider:

• Choose natural fibers like organic cotton. (Eileen Fisher is at the forefront of using sustainable fabrics and manufacturing processes.)
• Wash our clothes less frequently – in cold water.
• Use eco-friendly liquid detergent in front-loading machines.
• Try to avoid acrylic because it sheds the most, and we can install microfiber filters in our washing machines.
(Microfibers are the biggest pollution problem facing our oceans– trillions of pieces of tiny fibers flow into the ocean every time we use our washing machines. Sources show that just one fleece jacket could shed up to 250,000 pieces per garment per wash. These microscopic fibers pick up chemical pollutants and are ingested by all sorts of sea creatures. One in three shellfish; one in four fin fish; and 67% of all species tested from fish markets in California had microfiber in them; a direct link to the human food chain (Rochman, 2015).)
• Invest in quality. Better made clothes are worn longer. ( Fast fashion is a major culprit in the “never worn” and “off to the landfill” scenarios.)
• Consigning and donating the clothes we no longer wear are ways to make our purchases more sustainable.

But, it’s wishful thinking to believe it’s as simple as more consciously considering our purchases and changing some behaviors.

One of the most complex (and shrill) conversations is between animal-rights activists and faux fur champions.

“Fur is the most sustainable fabric,” argues Anderson, a Danish designer, echoing the stance of the pro-fur lobby. “Fur is 100% able to go back into the earth. And you also have it for a long time because it gets passed down through generations.”

The fur industry is moving towards another spectrum of sustainability: up-cycling, a movement wherein vintage fur items are re-dyed or restyled in imaginative new modes.

Both sides’ battle cries result in us, the store, and our customers, being confused, defiant, or just plain horrified at the thought of having to choose between a faux fur that sheds plastic microfibers into oceans and drinking water, and wearing animal skin, even if it is biodegradable.

Currently nearly 70% of designers use fur. As a store, FAYE’s has not taken a stance against acrylic or fur, but we certainly respect the opinions of you, our customers. There is no doubt that our awareness is heightened, and we are asking questions and gathering facts from designers when we are at market.

Please know that through our dealings with customers, outreach in the community, and business practices and standards, FAYE’s tries to do our level best to “save the world one cashmere sweater at a time”. Sustainability factors ever more heavily in this mission.

I’d like to hear from you on this entire subject of sustainability, even if it’s to say you too are confused.

If you’d like to share, I can always be reached at or

Thanks for listening.


SOURCE: WWD Dec 2018

Linda Lanigan, Career Wardrobe Consultant

When you think of FAYE’s, a boutique for career women is probably NOT the first thing that comes to mind? In fact, a significant part of our business is catering to our C-Suite clients and women building their careers. Since the career world has made the shift from the uniform of a matched suit, powerful women increasingly look to us for appropriate work wear.

Linda Lanigan heads up this initiative, and many of her clients (many in different states!) depend on Linda to “just take care of the wardrobe part of my life.” Through knowledge of her clients’ lifestyles (at work, at home, in the community and traveling), and thorough record-keeping, Linda takes care of their how-I-present-myself-to-the-world challenge. A closet consult is how she starts, but it’s not unusual for her to regularly pack her clients for an important business trip or extended pleasure journey.

Some of you are probably going to bristle at this, but my experience has largely been that the more powerful the woman, the more sure she is she knows how to dress. Many times, she’s wrong. Think about it this way, “If I had a legal problem, I wouldn’t try to solve it on my own. I’d call in an expert – a lawyer!” It’s no different with what we do at FAYE’s. Our life is clothes and how they function in our lives. We’re the experts.

In addition, Linda is FAYE’s Head Buyer. So, when she is at market in NY, Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas, LA, and Atlanta, you can be sure she is keeping a keen eye out for her clients.

For a complimentary consult, contact Linda at

It doesn’t hurt to have a conversation.

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Together we can build a wardrobe that suits your budget and lifestyle. We can work in the store or through shipments. Free shipping, of course.

Customer service is a core value at FAYE’s. Our stylists would love to work with you!
To learn more about any of our services and/or to make an appointment with a stylist, please send an email stating your fashion wish to Discover how we can make your life easier and more beautiful. We would love the opportunity.

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KERRY - Personal Stylist

Kerry’s fashion journey began in Chicago on Michigan Avenue as a designer coordinator at Lord and Taylor. Eventually, Kerry migrated to cosmetics and worked for top brands like Estee Lauder, Bobbi Brown, Lancôme and Clarins.
She is a professional makeup artist, and skilled at education and training. We welcome Kerry back to the world of fashion ready-to-wear as a stylist in Brookfield.
Hobbies: Kerry is avid about her fitness, enjoying weight training and Zumba. Like many of her colleagues, she loves the outdoors and “chilling with my 2 fur babies, Bam and Tink. M E O W!”

ROSELEN - Shipping And Receiving

Roselen joins FAYE’s as part of our outstanding Shipping & Receiving team. Roselen and Ritika share the daunting job of receiving and tagging approximately 50,000 pieces of merchandise a year! Roselen has a Fashion Marketing Degree and an extensive background in retail. Seventeen years spent at Boston Store have provided her with expertise in sales, management, and operations.
Hobbies: Time spent with husband, family, and friends, and spoiling her dog top Roselen’s list of favorite things to do. She enjoys attending the occasional musical and relishes Wisconsin summers when she can garden.

PAUL - Superhero

Early mornings, Monday thru Saturday, for the last 8 years, our guy, Paul, has driven our little red FAYE’s van (affectionately known as LIPSTICK) back and forth between our stores.
The previous day’s merchandise receipts are delivered to Mequon from Brookfield. And, transfers for customers travel to their destination.
Always ready with a handsome smile and conversation, Paul is dedicated, committed, and quite the charmer!
Paul is our unsung superhero.
But, some nights and weekends, he trades in his superhero cape and picks up his drumsticks to join his B SIDE BAND.
Blues Rock and Country Rock are B Side’s genres, and they can be seen and heard at venues from the Iron Horse Hotel to an Eagles Club here and there and have been an opening act at Summerfest!

JEN - Personal Stylist

Jen’s first stint with FAYE’s was nearly 20 years ago! Jen says, “I started in the receiving department. I loved opening all the boxes.” When we opened the Brookfield store in 2004, Jen returned as a stylist. Then, her son was born, and she also became a foster parent. Eleven years went by, and Jen is back part-time as a stylist in Brookfield, in addition to working on her Bachelor of Arts degree at UW Milwaukee. Jen and Faye worked side-by-side for oh-so-many-years, and she embodies the customer centric values that shape our culture.
Hobbies: Jen and her son, Drake, enjoy traveling and all things outdoors: kayaking, paddle boarding, swimming, camping, hiking, biking, skiing, and snowshoeing! Jen adds, “I also love to twist anyone’s arm into training for marathons, so I don’t have to run alone!”
This is one active girl!