Curbside pickup, free gift wrapping, & free shipping on orders +$100!


Local maker, Kris Miller, presents her Couture Collection. Personalized.


Bring in a favorite wardrobe piece and/or select a FAYE's piece.

Then collaborate with Kris on embellishment.

Suggested items for embellishment include: denim shirts, jackets, jeans, capes, coats.

Thursday Sept. 9, 1:00-5:00pm in Brookfield

Friday Sept. 10, 11:00-3:00pm in Mequon

Appointments encouraged, please call.

Average appointment time: 20 minutes.

Brookfield: 262-432-0070

Mequon: 262-241-8386

Here's How it works

Is there a hole on your cashmere wrap? A stain on your favorite pair of jeans; or do you just want to add some excitement to a boring button down?

Kris will patch holes, cover stains, and add some creative embellishments and designs to make your pieces one-of-a-kind!

Collaborate with Kris on your unique design. She can embellish, embroider, and elevate any piece! And she'll have with her a selection of patches and appliques to choose from.

One-of-a-Kind Samples for sale or inspiration