Eco-Conscious Collection

To celebrate Earth Day this month, we've rounded up brands who make efforts to minimize their environmental impact.


&ISLA's promise is to be kind to both people and the planet, and to achieve the highest standards possible in every element of their knitwear.

Their pledge means that they treat their goats and farmers with kindness and respect, and protect the Grasslands where cashmere is grown from erosion. Once &ISLA has harvested the fiber, they give it to family-owned factories who have been awarded the highest environmental accreditations.

You can wear &ISLA cashmere confident you are part of the ‘slow fashion’ movement, made with integrity.


DL1961 aims to source responsibly, manufacture sustainably, and design intentionally. With their roots in vertical integration and a network of like-minded facilities, they bring you the best possible combination of fabric, fit, and function.

All of DL1961's denim — from fiber to finished garment — is manufactured in their family-owned factory. By overseeing the entire process, they offer traceable and scalable solutions that minimize environmental impact without compromising on quality. DL strives to constantly invest in innovative sustainable technologies and audit at each stage of the process.


As a clothing company, FAHERTY knows that they are part of consumer culture, but also believe in what they're doing and think they can make this clothing space better and less harmful.

From organic cotton to their naturally sourced Tencel™, FAHERTY has spent years developing proprietary fabrics, made from responsibly sourced alternatives to conventional fibers which are traceable and/or have lower social and environmental impact. FAHERTY's stores implement best practices in recycling, eliminating single use plastics, and using less toxic cleaning supplies. The company also purchases Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) to negate their retail store electricity usage.


FRANK & EILEEN believes in building wardrobes — and businesses — with integrity. From day one, FRANK & EILEEN has partnered exclusively with ethical and sustainable manufacturers to craft pieces using the finest raw materials found in nature.

To FRANK & EILEEN, certifications matter. The company is incredibly proud to be a B Corp. In good company, their impact score among globally recognized U.S. apparel companies trails only Patagonia, and they received the highest impact score for any woman-owned U.S. fashion brand.


After growing up on the coast and spending his life on the water, LONG WHARF founder, Michael Lamagna, was deeply affected by how much plastic and waste he would pull from the ocean. So he set out to develop high quality and timeless goods that promote the use of recycled materials.

Every piece LONG WHARF makes helps to reseed coastal oyster reefs that naturally filter seawater. With this ongoing effort, LONG WHARF hopes to reduce waste, change the narrative, and help clean up our inshore waterways for the next generation.


Sustainability has been an integral part of MZ WALLACE's decision-making for the last 10 years and in April 2023, MZ WALLACE officially became a certified B Corporation.

“In the beginning, it was incredibly hard to even find sustainably sourced materials, but we kept at it,” said founders, Monica Zwirner and Lucy Wallace Eustice, who pushed mills to make changes and evolve with them to meet needs. “People think that a B Corp certification only refers to a company’s sustainability efforts, but it is so much more than that. It’s measuring our internal operations, how we give back to our community, and how we treat our employees and our environmental impact."


All of WHITE + WARREN's cashmere is responsibly sourced and will always be produced with transparent and ethical environmental standards. In addition to cashmere, nearly all of their cotton is produced by mills certified by industry-recognized programs.

WHITE + WARREN is as committed to reducing its environmental footprint through the use of compostable packing materials, recycled hang tags, and more. Because their sustainably made styles are only as good as the packaging that they deliver them in, their eco-friendly packaging is all created with the planet in mind.